Past Meetings

Year City Topic
2019 Vienna
  • technique: Ultra high field and brain biopsy
  • small animal: neurocranium and splanchnocranium
  • equine: head
2018 Zurich


  • technique: functional MRI - relevant for the veterinary clinical use?
  • small animal: neuroimaging of the ageing patient
  • equine: the ageing equine athlete
2017 Bern
  • technique: zero-echo time imaging

  • small animal: the role of MRI in oncology
  • equine: looking at small structures


2016  Zurich


  • technique: everything you always wanted to know but never dared to ask
  • small animal: cavitations in brain and spinal cord
  • equine occupational diseases


2015 Bern


  • pitfalls and challenges
  • small animal and equine challenges
  • imaging pitfalls of meninges, nerves, discs, and Joints, hoof, horn capsule and cartilage


2014 Ghent


  • contrast agents: side effects and developments
  • small animals: imaging bleeding - haemorrhage - infarcts
  • equine: contrast in equine orthopaedics


2013 Bern


  • coils: techniques and artefacts
  • differentiation of inflammatory vs. neoplastic CNS disease in small animals using MRI -chances and limitations
  • equine head: sinuses, teeth - MRI or CT?


2012 Ghent


  • the future of low-field MRI
  • clinical applications of ultra-high field MRI
  • MR of the locomotor system: possibilities and new ideas


2011 Bern


  • general: functional and interventional imaging
  • advances in technology related to equine MRI
  • small animal: peripheral nerves/ neuromuscular


2010 Ghent


  • inversion recovery sequences and fat-suppression sequences
  • thoracic and tendon MRI and MR in soft tissues


2009 Bern


  • general:  safety and image quality
  • advances in equine Imaging
  • small animal: imaging the spine


2008 Ghent


  • contrast agents, techniques and applications
  • Imaging the splanchnocranium in small animals and in horses


2007 Bern


  • gradient echo techniques
  • imaging the neurocranium


2006  Ghent
  • general: artefacts and coils
  • imaging the locomotory system


2005 Bern


  • how many tesla and what for?
  • protocols for high and low field MRI: regions and indications